Yet another Lid Logo Trademark Brand

Hi all. Just wanted to get this out.  I will comment more on this later.  For now, I have found several examples of the trademark seen below as the ONLY thing on the inside of the lid. This is similar to another version but without the "PRESENTED BY." So, this is the 6th trademark found … Continue reading Yet another Lid Logo Trademark Brand

Price and Market Musings (part I)

Hi all. In the last 90 days consumers have purchased around 180 miniature Lane cedar chests through e-bay.  According to e-bay "sold" records, our boxes have sold for (including shipping) from a low of around $10.00 to a high of around $40-$45.  Currently "Buy it Now" prices (including shipping) on e-bay seem to hover around … Continue reading Price and Market Musings (part I)