Purpose of box blog

Although I will be sharing information I am able to gather about the Lane mini, miniature, trinket, jewelry, graduation, promotional, erroneously “salesman sample” cedar boxes, my main goal is to find more information about the boxes than I can on my own.  I can’t believe I am the only person interested in and collecting these boxes.  And, since I am just recently trying to find information about them, I am sure someone has more to share.

I believe I have a good grasp of the purpose of the boxes (from Lane’s perspective) and I will be sharing that narrative in future postings.  What I am really trying to find is detailed information about how many different versions/styles of the boxes there are and if these differences are related to their age.  I am attempting this blogging effort because I have learned that Lane Furniture lost most of their archival records in a massive facility flood recently and they have proved to be of little help in adding in my quest for information.

The provenance of the boxes in many cases starts with the stamp/brand under the lid and this information, in some way, may lead to dating the boxes.  However, this will prove to be very difficult to do.   I like the idea of collecting the boxes from all corners of the country but I also want be able to assist other collectors in dating and valuing their boxes.

To start the conversation, I have found at least 4 very distinct versions of the boxes and two different Lane logo “brands” on the lid.  I will get into my findings soon – hopefully with photos if I can figure that out.

Thanks for reading…please comment.

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