Great find to age a box!

I found a box at a local antique store with the name of the original owner, her age, and 1950 written on the lid.  So, I am confident this particular box has an age of about 64 years old.  Therefore, I would like to say boxes with similar details may have been made around the same time.  I also have a box from my mother that I can date real well (around 1963) and it is different than 1950 –  which is good.

At this point I am tracking the following features of the boxes in order to maybe put together a chronology of when they were made:

Size – short or tall

Key hole escutcheon – chrome, satin, dark

Key hole size – large and small

Key – it appears older ones are round, newer are pressed flat metal

Hinges – all are the same at this point except one I have found has inset type

Logo brand – I have found 3 different Lane logos so far

Bottom – some have inset holes for the felt pads, some don’t.

Overall design – Square corners, fluted corners, wood “feet”

Joinery appears very similar so far

I am assuming all had paper labels on the bottom – all of mine are the same at this time

Anything else you can think of?  Leave me a comment.

As I said before, I will be posting photos and details of the above when I learn how to do so.  Sorry, 47 year old guy with his first blog…thanks for your patience.


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