Fixing a mistake?

Hi all.

I have a tall, fluted cornered box.  I have no evidence to support this but I am going to say this style of box probably pre-dates the regular “tall” boxes.  This particular box has a smaller key hole escutcheon and has feet. Also, the barrel hinges are set in mortises and nailed in rather than face mounted.

The unusual thing about this particular box is the recessed area where the brand is on the lid.  My guess is that the brand was somehow faulty and the “fix” was to rout that area out and re-apply the correct brand.  I can see the router bit marks at the corners of the triangle.  The area is not only recessed in the shape of a triangle that would be enough to remove a faulty brand, but it has evidence of something like lacquer or shellac coated on the area.  I have seen this same routed out area on other boxes on-line – so mine is not the only one.  I sure would like to know if my diagnosis is correct…

Another thing about this box…it is from “The John Kelley Co.” but no city.  I can’t find any reference to this company on-line.  Anyone heard of it?

OK, another attempt to attach photos…

Fluted sides tall.

Routed triangle

Please comment…

Thank you,


2 thoughts on “Fixing a mistake?

  1. This is a beautiful box! Wish mine was this style! What struck me when looking at the photo is the triangular mark where apparently a sticker once was. My mom’s box (from 1965 or so) has the same triangular mark. Looks just like a sticker was there and then removed, leaving the sticky mark behind. What could this triangular sticker have been?


  2. The triangular area in the lid is definitely indented very slightly like it has been carved out. I can only think that it was to correct a mistake or delete a store name that didn’t exist any longer? Hey, thanks for sharing your story. 1990 is a good find for me…I will add to my records.


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