“New” lid logo found! Plus a book!

Hi all!

Pretty much daily I pop around the internet to see what’s going on with our miniature cedar chests.  Any good deals on e-bay or etsy?  Anyone saying something about the boxes in their listings that is new to me?  Anyone like me looking for information on google? While surfing today, I found a couple of new items (to me anyway)…

One, there is a version of our box that has the following distinct details:

  • Nailed on (with nails), rear surface/face mounted hinges
  • No key hole, rather a clasp nailed on the front of the lid with accompanying “loop” on the box
  • What appears to be “tall” in size
  • Scalloped feet on all corners
  • Squared, sharp vertical corners, rounded on top
  • LANE Altavista, VA lid logo brand – see photo below. This is now the 5th logo I have found

LANE Altavista, Va

Not sure if these links will work…

Listing on etsy

Listing on e-bay

If link doesn’t work, one box as described above is for sale but is pretty expensive at $65 and the other I am bidding on right now – fingers crossed.

Two, I found a copy of a book, “Lane: furniture with a tradition and a future, the Company’s first 50 years” by Edward Hudson Lane on Amazon.  And, it was cheap!  Like the last book I purchased, I am hopeful there is something about the Girl Graduation Plan and the miniature cedar chests contained within!  I will report what I find in about a week.

A good day surfing!

Until next time…


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