Virginia Historical Society response

Quest update…

A few weeks back, I sent a request to the Virginia Historical Society soliciting help from their records department because I learned they house the Lane Company historical archives/records.  I was, of course, looking for dates that could be associated with our boxes – specifically trademark or logo records.

Today, I was excited to receive a very lengthy response from John, the Reference Department Manager of the Library!  He undertook a pretty extensive review of the historical records and unfortunately found very little to help.  However, he did have a good idea which was to review the advertising photos they have on record to try to get a glimpse of the logo in the boxes.  So, there may be something useful from his findings. I will compare his findings with my chronology.

Perhaps most exciting was that he, during his research into the topic, found this blog – all on his own!  Yipee!

So, another avenue of information has come to an end.  However, the quest will continue.

I got some more information today as well  – in the form of a book.

Check my next post to see what that has uncovered.

Thanks for reading.


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