Wikipedia…Wrong about our boxes!

Hi all.

I came across a Wikipedia page for Hope Chests last night.  Highlighted on the page was “Lane Company Chests.”  And, yes, there is a mention of our miniature cedar chests – and by “mention” I mean one sentence.  In this one sentence there was an error!  It stated our little boxes were 12″ long.  As we know, there were no boxes distributed in the Girl Graduation Plan that were over 9″ long/wide.

Nine inches

Clicking on the source of the information, I found a link to a book, “Treasure Chests: The Legacy of Extraordinary Boxes” by Lon Schleining.  Was the book misquoted in Wikipedia?  What else could this intriguing book have to say about the Lane boxes?  Not able to wait until a version of the book (that I will definitely purchase on Amazon) to arrive, I went to the Glendale, AZ public library.  To my surprise, the book was there!  This book is a MUST HAVE for box lovers like me as it contains a bunch of really good photos of boxes and chests including those by Gerstner, Stickley, Lane and “in the style of” Greene & Greene among many others

Back to my story.  I found the quote in a short paragraph near a section about Lane hope chests and learned the Wikipedia entry did quote the book correctly.  So, Lon Schleining, a guy that obviously has a passion for boxes, couldn’t get one paragraph about our boxes correct!  Ugh!  It’s still a great book though…

Unwilling to let this “wrong” continue, I pressed forward.  I don’t know anything about how to correct Wikipedia but there is an “edit” button.  So, I went in and changed the 12 to a 9 and it stuck.  Scary but it worked.

Lessons learned:  1.  Even perceived authoritative references can be wrong – like this “Treasure Chest” book.  2.  As many of you already know, Wikipedia has its purpose but may not be highly accurate.  3.  Even a goof like me can change a Wikipedia entry. 4.  Just further evidence that we need to provide verifiable, reliable reference material about our miniature cedar chests.

Until next time…


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