Detailed Box Descriptions and Designations – Revised!

Hi all.

I thought my next step would be to post my findings about chronology or age to this here blog.  However, as I thought through this, I think the first step should be to designate (or name) the different types/sizes/styles of boxes I have been able to find thus far.  In this way, as I present the chronology, I will start using these somewhat “coded” designations.

If each of the six variations of the boxes shown below have an official name, I am not aware of them.  I thought about naming them by number but I thought this might get confusing if their manufacture dates are not in the order of the numbers chosen.  Therefore, I have chosen to describe the boxes by their size and most prominent feature(s).

As I have said before, I am an amateur woodworker so measurements and those types of details are generally pretty important to me.  However, I am going to try to NOT get caught up in the fine details.   If you want more detail than I have provided here, leave me a comment/question.

Since I started this quest, I have noted two primary sizes of the boxes which I am going to call “Tall” and “Short”.  The shorter boxes are also deeper from front to back.  There are subtle differences in the versions of each but I’m not going to worry too much about these now.  So, off we go…

TALL (T)  Measurements are approx. 9″ W x 4″ H x 4  5/16″ D.  All corners are generally rounded-over at the same radius.

Photo below of (T):

Tall (T)

TALL FLUTED with FEET (TFF) Measurements (including feet) are approx. 9″ W x 4″ H x 4  5/16″ D.  Two front vertical corners are fluted (3 grooves), entire top is rounded-over.  Rear vertical and bottom edges/corners are all square.  The feet on the bottom are curved to match the radius of the fluting on the front and the two in the rear are almost square.

Photo below of (TFF):

Tall Fluted (TF)

TALL with HASP and FEET (THF) Measurements (including feet) are approx. 9″ W x 4 1/4″ H x 3 7/8″ D.   Most notably this version has no key lock.  Only the top corners are rolled over with what appears to be a slightly larger radius. All four feet are the same and are scalloped on the front and rear.

Photo below of (THF):

Tall Clasp (TC)

SHORT (S) Measurements are approx. 9″ W x 3  3/8″ H x 5″ D.   Only the lid corners are rounded over.

Below photo of (S):

Short (S)

SHORT with BEVELED LID (SB) Measurements are approx. 9″ W x 3  3/8″ H x 5″ D.  All corners and edges are square except the lid with a bevel instead of being rounded over. Very pleasing design.

Below photo of (SB):

Short Beveled (SB)

SHORT with ROUNDED CORNERS (SR) Measurements are approx. 9″ W x 3  3/8″ H x 5″ D.  All corners and edges are rounded including the lid.  On the version I have, there is no evidence of owner sanding of the corners so I am considering it a separate version.

Below photo of (SR):


Enough for now.  As I have stated before, I am tracking several other details of the boxes including the lid logo which I believe hopefully holds the key to their age and chronology.

Until next time… Please leave a comment if you were here…thanks!


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