Building a chronology…Part 1, the older boxes?

Hi all.

Over the past several months, my primary goal has been to find, view or read about as many of our Miniature Lane Cedar Chests as possible.  All along, hoping I would find someone that has done the research to determine how to “age” the boxes.  So far, no one has been found and unfortunately the aging of these boxes is not easy.

As you know, most of the boxes contain no serial numbers or dated markings (see below) of any kind.  I have discussed primary/prominent features in my last post .  And in my post titled, “Great find to age a box!” dated November 17, 2014, I discussed every detail I am tracking related to the boxes.

So far, I have “dated” the boxes using several methods.

1.  Interviews with box owners

2.  Date stamps applied by either Lane or a commercially related entity/retailer

3.  Hand-written, dated inscriptions found on or in the boxes

Unfortunately, especially with what I am considering the “older boxes”, so far there isn’t much to definitively rely upon.

Remember, I have isolated 5 “types” of boxes and 6 different lid logo brands and many variations on the types. 

I have hand-written evidence in two Tall (T) boxes dating them from 1950 and 1956.  Both of these boxes have this logo brand…

Single line surrounding words

Single line surrounding words

I have evidence that this logo (found above) was used until at least 1963.  Until I learn otherwise, I am going to assume the logo brands were used sequentially (their use didn’t over-lap).  Another consideration is furniture companies or retailers distributing these boxes may not have distributed their entire inventory in one year.  For example, a box could have been made by Lane and sent to a retailer in one year and the retailer could have taken several years to give them all away.

I have not documented any version of a Short box BEFORE 1963.  I have not documented an version of a Tall box AFTER 1957. None of this is horribly conclusive – just a start.  In my next post I will discuss what dates I have found for the Short boxes.

Until next time…


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