New Year, New Friend, more research

Hi all.

In my post dated December 30, I mentioned I had been in communication with a young lady I found on Facebook.  Her location in Facebook can be found by searching for: Antique Lane Cedar Chests.  I am having trouble getting the link to Facebook to attach here so I will let you find it.   I asked for, and was given permission to use her name here: Catherine.

If I am a Freak for Lane boxes, Catherine is a Super Freak.  She has apparently spent most of the last several years researching our little boxes.  She has documented over 500 different retailers and their store lid logo brands!  In addition to this, she has a pretty impressive collection of her own.  As part of her research, she has traveled to Virginia and inspected the Lane archives housed at the VA Historical Society.  Her passion has lead her to prepare a very impressive research paper/thesis on the topic of the Lane Girl Graduation Program and how it revolutionized advertising and marketing to women.  She was kind enough to share this paper with me and, believe me, it is impressive!  Super Box Freak status for sure!

Not only is Catherine interested in our little boxes, but she has also documented hundreds of different versions of their “full sized sisters”, the Lane Cedar Chests.  Please check out all of her posts out on her Facebook page.  In a short time I have been able to learn a lot from her and I appreciate her sharing.  Thank you so much, Catherine!

Catherine’s research has been focused on the Girl Graduation Program, how many retailers participated in it and how that process took place rather than trying to specifically age the boxes.   With her permission, I will share some of the details about how retailers “signed up” for the Program in a later post.  I also believe she will be able to help with our “age” question as we continue to compare notes.

She has added an important date to our chronology.  An advertisement describing the dimensions of our Tall (T) box was found with a date of 1945 in the archives.  So, I have added this information to my chronology.  It is not known if the Tall box was made at the same time as some other boxes with similar dimensions – like Tall Fluted Feet (TFF).

Another tid-bit is that a letter was found confirming that Lane shipped 32,000 boxes in 1929 – really the beginning of the Program.  That’s a pretty big commitment in my book.

I am happy to report there is another Freak out there and I’m sure we will report more from Catherine’s research in the future.  Are you a Freak, maybe just a little?  Let me know.

That’s it for now….


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