Long time…

Hi all.

Yes, it has been some time since my last post. Why so quiet?

Pretty simple.  Frustrated.

I have several requests out to noted experts in the field of antiques and collectibles with no responses.

I can only conclude…

1.  The people I have approached for help don’t have the time of common courtesy to respond.

2.  These folks don’t care about the topic of our little Lane boxes – it just isn’t interesting enough to get their attention.

3.  No one really knows more than I have found on the topic.  Therefore, they have nothing to add to the conversation and remain silent.

4.  I will receive a response soon that will ROCK my WORLD!

5.  I have reached out to the wrong “experts” and need to find others.

Short of travelling to Alta Vista, VA and finding a person that worked in the Lane factory from 1930 to 2010 (or any time in between), I am coming to the end of the line.

There are still plenty of sellers peddling their boxes on etsy and e-bay and just as many buyers sucking them up.  But NO ONE seems to care why the boxes are priced the way they are or purchased for what is paid!  “Inconceivable!”  to quote from the great movie Princess Bride.

I know there are folks in this country that know a great deal more about these boxes and their history than I do.  I still want to find these people and learn from them.

Anyone want to sponsor me on a trip to Virginia?

Sorry to be so “down.”  I’m sure perseverance will pay off in the long run.

Until next time…


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