What’s up with the THF?

Hi all.

As I roamed around the www, I have found a couple more boxes that I have described as THF (Tall, Hasp, Feet).  All of the boxes have the same logo as I described in my Dec 24 post – see below.

Tall Clasp (TC)

lane altavista

The point of interest with these boxes is that I am considering them older than the short versions because of their design and older style logo.  However, with the exception of one box, which I own, none of them have a retailer burned into the lid – only the logo is present. In the case of the box I own, the retailer is stamped in ink on the inside of the lid and on the bottom.

So, were these THF boxes officially part of the Girl Graduation promotion or were they made for some other promotion that we don’t yet know about?

I find it interesting that this lack of retailer branding is similar to what I am considering the newest shorter boxes with a very “modern” logo and no retailer branding.  I assume the newest ones were made for corporations like Disney and JCPenny’s or were still being made after the Girl Graduation promotion had been discontinued.  Isn’t is curious how these boxes with hasps instead of integrated locks don’t have retail brands?  Why, why, why!

Until next time…


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