New style box, new box style! THBF!

Hi all.

As you know, I have been scouring the internet for over six months now looking for information about our little Lane boxes.  I thought I was done finding anything dramatically different.  Then, about a week ago, I found a box on e-bay looking unlike any other I have seen before!  Could it be?  One way to find out.  Lucky for me, it had a “Buy it Now” option so I snatched it up!  Got it today and, yes, it is a new variant (to me).

And here it is…


Details:  8 3/4″ W, 3 11/32 T, 4 5/16″ D.  With the feet, 3 15/16″ T.  These dimensions are different than any other box I have seen.  It is about the same width as a Tall and Short box.  If you include the bun feet (thanks Susan), it is about the same height as a Tall box but it is slightly deeper (front to back) than a Tall box and definitely deeper than the other hasp boxes I have seen (THF).  And not as deep (front to back) as a Short box.

The box has a shallow (about 1/8″ wide) curved-bottomed groove routed around the sides and front of the lid.  The groove is painted black.  The groove is very well cut and I believe it to be original based on the “neatness” of the cut and the painting.  Then there are the feet.  They are a squished ball or “bun” shaped, painted black, glued on with slotted screws attaching them to the bottom of the box.  The black paint matches the groove which is making me lean toward them being original as well.  I can’t imagine someone getting the box and then adding the feet…why?  The feet make the box taller and more proportional.

The hasp, hook and hinges are exactly like the ones on THF.  The logo is the same as THF.  The nails holding the hardware on are like THF.  The corner joinery and sharp front and bottom edges are like THF.  However, the top is flatter (less pillowed) than THF.  The hasp nails go right through the lid groove.  There is only a logo brand…nothing to hint at a retailer.

I am struggling with what to call this variation – my seventh variation for those that have lost count.  For now, I am going with Tall Hasp Bun Feet (THBF).  The Tall aspect is only based on the height with the feet.

I am excited abut find a new variation but it gets me no closer to the chronology of all of the boxes.  Oh well, it is always fun to find something new!

Thanks for reading!


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