New logo variation and OLD box!

Hi all!

I hope this post finds you all well.

Pretty exciting news this time.  For reference, post #28 from June would be good to review as I am going to add to that information.

While doing the usual cruising of the web and e-bay, I came across a Tall Fluted Feet box similar to a couple I own.  However, this box came with a special bonus!  Written on the bottom paper label is a note stating the box was received as a gift “for my graduation- 1937 class MCHS.”  The box was offered as “Best Offer” and I snatched it up for a fair price.  As you will see on the label below, the retailer was Mier Wolf & Sons which was in Mason City (MC), IA  – the same place I found it.  I received the box from Mason City today.  So, once again, unless I find something to the contrary, I am going to date this style of box circa 1937 – 78 years old!

As I compared this TFF to other TFF’s I own, I found the logo is slightly different -and therefore unique.  Again referencing photos provided in post 28, I noticed the “ears” (in this 1937 box) next to the rectangle are narrower or skinnier.  Believe me…I am looking at both of them in person…


So, the change from THBF to TFF occurred somewhere between 1935 and 1937 – this is very exciting to find!  I have added this information to my documented chronology.

Also, I learned a lesson.  If I wouldn’t have purchased the box and wasn’t able to compare it to the other I have, I wouldn’t have noticed the difference in the logo with just a picture on e-bay.  I don’t really want to buy every box I come across but when it comes to verifying age, it may be necessary.

I still have yet to find anyone with more information about these boxes than me.  I’m not bragging – I’m begging…someone out there can help….please get in touch with me!

Until next time…


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