Merry Christmas!

Hi all!

I hope you all  had a very Merry Christmas!

Our boxes played a little into my Christmas this year.  I was pleased to gift a couple of boxes away – one to a great friend and another to our office “White Elephant” gift exchange.  Good times.  Nice to know others appreciate getting a box as a gift.

Coincidentally, a friend of my mother-in-law came across a box at an estate sale and he ended up giving it to me after she told him I collected them.  This box is cedar with a painting of white doves holding a heart with ribbons on the outside the lid.  I have seen these for sale many times on e-bay.  I know they were marketed in the mid 1990’s in the waning time of the boxes being made by Lane.  The box came with the paperwork that is sent in to have a personalized brass badge sent back.  So, nothing too special except that the box was still in the white cardboard box it came in with “Lane” and “Cedar Chests” printed diagonally all over it.  And, the key was also included!

I think I am going to do a complete review of my collection over the next week or so to make sure I have everything documented and photographed.  I will share any findings with you.

I have been “encouraged” to document my findings in a bit more formal way than this blog…it may be necessary to move my progress along.  We’ll see….

Until next time.  Happy New Year!


ps Have I mentioned I got a full sized cedar chest to keep all (OK, half) of my boxes in?  Only appropriate, right?









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