Collection pics

Hi all!

My youngest daughter, Mallory, and I gathered up all (most) of my boxes and lined them up on the dining room table.  Thanks Mallory!

I sorted them by age and lid logo and confirmed pretty much what I have documented regarding the assumed ages/chronology of the boxes.  No distinct differences found that haven’t already been documented.   It is hard to see, but below is the “Periodic Table” (you’re welcome Dusty) of Lane cedar boxes.  Top left is THF circa 1935 and bottom right S (Short) circa 2004.  The rows are determined by size, style and logo.


Periodic Table of Lane cedar boxes



All of the boxes stacked up…just for fun I guess.  47 boxes.




Boxes in-the-round with older ones displayed in front

What did I learn in this exercise?  Maybe I have too many boxes?  My family thinks I’m nuts.  To my knowledge, I am the foremost authority on Lane cedar boxes in the entire WORLD!  Please, someone, knock me off of my throne, I dare you!

Happy New Year!




4 thoughts on “Collection pics

  1. That is quite an impressive collection of Lane chests! Glad to know that someone else finds these interesting and wants to document the history. Thanks for your hard work and I always enjoy the information you send out!


  2. I have an old miniature cedar chest from the furniture warehouse, Atlantic city NJ
    I cant seem to find any information about that place in trying to put a date on my lane cedar chest … do you have any input on this?


    • Joseph,
      The best way to determine the age of your box is to visit my companion website at: This link will get you to the area where you can compare your box with all the different styles to determine when it was made and distributed. Also, if you are able, you could send me a picture and I could help you out personally. Good luck and thanks for checking in!


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