THF with stamp inside

Hi all!

Well, well, well this is quite interesting!

While checking out e-bay I came across a THF box so I took a closer look.  I found this stamped inside the lid…


For more information about THF, see my post from Feb 25th.

Because the stamp was something different and the box wasn’t too expensive, I went ahead and bought it.  When it arrived I found the Campbell Furniture Co. label is not branded into the lid like all others, it is stamped with ink.  So, good thing I got my  hands on it because, as you can see, it looks like a brand.

The fact that it is stamped and I have never seen a retailer stamped into a THF, I am speculating that the lid may have  been stamped by the retailer and not by Lane.

I spent a couple of hours on-line trying to locate records for the retailer in Troy.  Did you know that exactly half of the U.S. states have a town named Troy?  I had no luck finding anything about Campbell Furniture Co in Troy.

Weird label too, don’t you think?  Why is TROY way over to the right?

Take it easy…





5 thoughts on “THF with stamp inside

  1. I have a box that was my Grandmothers. I was told by my mother that it was a give away from a bank, furniture store or some other company. There is no company name but was told it is a Lane. There is no lock or clasp. It has copper embelishments on the top and front to resemble a strap. It was probably from the 20’s or 30’s. Any info would be appreciated.


  2. Perhaps the “Troy” is over to the right, allowing space for two other locations? It’s hard to think a retailer would have had three stores back then, but maybe . . . .


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