Bottom label brand!

Hi all!

I have a friend named Leslie and she is an antique dealer.  She works on a small scale locally visiting estate sales and auctions looking for gems (as in good finds).  She does quite well because she has a great eye for what she can “flip” easily for a profit on e-bay.  I have a standing order with her to purchase any Lane box she finds on her travels if its cheap.

She found a box at an estate sale recently and bought it for $4.00!  At first look, it was another Tall box to add to my collection – in pretty nice shape.  But then, wait for it….I turned it over and….BANG! something NEW! (well to me anyway).

Most of our boxes started their life with a paper label affixed to their bottoms.  The labels usually look like this…

FullSizeRender (1)

This label I am using as an example (above) is extra special because it has a date written on it! I think I have talked about the labels before…but I’m not sure.  Anyway, they aren’t all the same (but similar) and there isn’t a date or number on them to help with aging, etc.

However, the box I got from Leslie actually had the label burned-in (branded) into the bottom – it looked like this….

FullSizeRender (2)

With the poor visibility of the message due to the inconsistency of the wood due to knots, cracks and grain I think I know why Lane stayed with the paper labels and why this branded label is so rare.  “Rare” because I have never seen it before having looked at thousands of these boxes over the past few years.

So, note to self and other collectors out there.  NEVER assume anything.  I do my best to look at each box I come across VERY carefully for clues that may help me fill in the gaps of my project and reach the goal of chronicling these little treasures.

Until next time…

Oh, I will have a special announcement for you all very shortly…teaser alert.






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