Obvious THF Modification

Hi all!

I “won” another box on e-bay!  A chopped down short box – intriguing and nice price so I took a run at it.  I received it in the mail today.

It is obvious that someone modified a Tall Hasp with Feet (THF).  The modifier cut the box down to less than an inch above the bottom when looking inside and also cut down the top about 1/4 inch.  So, the box including the feet is only 2 3/8″ tall.  The box and lid (without the feet) is just 1 3/4″.  The “Modifier”, for some reason made it harder by actually cutting the very top of the lid off and then shortening it and putting it back on.  I can tell this was done because of the giant glue drips on the seam and because the hinge holes are in a different location.

This is the front – see the hinge holes?


Closer up…


I kind of knew this wasn’t going to be a new size or variation so I’m not too disappointed. Unlike the last short box I found, I am certain this one was cut down by someone and not a variation that came out of the factory.  Another sign is the poor job the Modifier did on adding what looks like a polyurethane top coat to it.  The good news is that it has a paper label on the bottom that contains some information I can add to may “database” of knowledge.


First, the name of the retailer in the other THF’s that I have are stamped with ink on the inside of the lid.  All of these in different sizes, styles and fonts leading me to believe that they were stamped by the retailer.  They also all have the same simple LANE, Altavista, Va logo brand.  This new one – the short modified one – has the same little brand – maybe a little smaller – but not an ink stamp.  But instead of a retailer name stamped on the box, this one has a paper label of the retailer glued to the bottom.  Maxwell Bros. & Morris Furniture of Gastonia, NC.  Again, I am assuming this was applied by the retailer.

I was able to locate an article on-line announcing that Mr. Maxwell bought out Mr. Morris and the “moving forward” name of the company would be “Maxwell Brothers.”  The article is dated June of 1951.  So, since this label has the “old” name, I can assume it was distributed before 1951.  Fortunately, this fits into my working chronology.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t get me early enough to matter too much.  However, I did learn that there were many different ways that the boxes were marked by the retailers prior to them getting them branded by Lane.

The lid, re-installed backwards…


With the wrong hinges…



Until next time…






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