Short Rounded sandwich anyone?

Hi all.

No, I haven’t forgotten about you…just not much to discuss.

I “won” a Short Rounded (SR) box on e-bay about a week ago.  As I think I mentioned before, SR are pretty rare so when I see one it usually gets my attention.  And boy, did this one get my attention!  I snatched it up primarily because it has a written inscription under the lid and I like to own documented boxes if they aren’t too expensive.  Here is the writing…


In pencil it is written, “Graduation Gift 57′” on the underside of the lid.  Before I get to the “sandwich” part,  a little more about the box.  I was also intrigued by the box because of its color as it appeared in the e-bay photo.  When I received it I realized it had been “stained” a red mahogany color seen here…


A pretty poor attempt to color the box.  With some work I was able to remove the coloration and not remove the original color.  Now it looks like this…


I usually don’t do so much work to re-finish the boxes but this one was just screaming for help.  Nice result I think.

OK, now to the problem and the sandwich.  I have documentation (whatever that means anymore) of Tall (T) boxes from 1956, 1957 and 1959.  Therefore, this SR with a 1957 inscription is the meat in a Tall sandwich in my chronology.  To make matters worse, my earliest Short box is documented 1963.  One good thing is the logo brand is the same as these Tall boxes.

I wouldn’t mind if I had earlier credible documentation of a Short box but having the date in the middle of Tall boxes is problematic.  I lamented on my chronology a few posts back if you would like to catch up.

I don’t have any evidence suggesting the boxes were made in different factories or on different factory lines.  However, I believe Lane had several factories operating in Alta Vista and it is possible I guess.  I just doubt in a factory set up they would change to Short boxes for some time and then switch back to Tall.  Especially since, as I’m sure you are all thinking, it isn’t just the height of the box but also the depth.  I don’t see a factory changing so much…too many questions….

For now I am going to go with the hypothesis that SR’s were made at the same time Talls were being made because that’s what my documentation is saying.

That’s all for now.  Hope all is well with you.
















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