You will NOT believe this! LHF!

Hi all!

E-bay comes through again!  While doing my daily checks on the internet, I came across what appeared to be a THF but upon further investigation, the description was unlike any box I have seen!  I always look closely at THF, TFF and THBF for clues about age – but OH MY was I surprised!   By the way…I paid more for this box than any other – by far – around $50 including shipping.  I couldn’t resist.

This box, now classified as Large Hasp with Feet LHF, is larger than all other boxes.  The dimensions are as follows:  Width 10 3/8″, Depth (front to back) 5 1/4″ and Height (with feet) 4 5/8″.  The feet are 5/8″ high on their own.  For comparison, let me introduce LHF with SR on top…


The top is pillowed but the edges are all pretty sharp and squared-off (no radius).


The hinges are the same as found on TF as seen here…


Note the height difference between this THF and the “new” LHF.  Also, the hinges and the hasp are held on with these large tacks rather than bent over nails.

The feet are larger than others as well and not quite as curvy…


Check out the evidence of re-glued foot and re-finishing drips.  Here’s LHF’s logo…


What the heck!?  This is stamped in ink on the bottom.  No other markings anywhere. Where in the world does this box fit in the chronology?  I have no idea.  I don’t even know if it was part of the Lane Girl Graduation Program (Plan).  With the thousands of boxes I have inspected, how have I never seen this logo before?  Remember, I have a THBF with this logo (below) on it dated 1935…

lane altavista

I would have to say this new found diamond shaped logo has got to be before the one above – don’t you think?  Does LHF pre-date 1935?  The Lane company history suggests they were making the little boxes before 1935…If this LHF is older than 1935, it is in great condition.

The round tacks that hold on the hinges and hasp work pretty well but look like they could, with use, work their way out over time.  Did Lane abandon these big headed nails/tacks to use a more crude nail bent over on the inside like in THF?  The bent over nails,that may have been more reliable, have been found on many other boxes so it was standard at least for some time.  Again, I have never seen this large headed nails before and appearance-wise I like them better.  Especially from the inside view where the nails aren’t even visible.  I am going to say they are original for a couple of reasons.  One, there is no evidence on the inside of the box or lid that nails have be driven all the way through.  And two, they match the color of the hinges and hasp very well.

Although the LHF is larger, the thickness of the wood is the same as other boxes and the locking rabbet joint is also used.

This is a total mystery!  Just what I needed to keep my inquiring juices flowing.  Just crazy, huh?

What do you think?




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