Dated box Tall Fluted with Feet!

Hi all!

I’m on a bit of a roll.  I’ve got several things to share but I’m going to do them one at a time over the next few posts.

Just on the heels of finding a very well documented Tall box from 1939 (see my last post), I found another box with a date and, thankfully, it fits into my working chronology!

There is a Tall Fluted with Feet (TFF) box, like this one…

Fluted sides tall

on e-bay at this very minute with a label on the bottom that looks like this…


What does it say?  I will probably never know since I am likely not going to try to “win” it. HOWEVER, I think I can make out maybe a name in the top left then “Received as a gift from Miller’s Furniture…June 16, 1936”.  Pretty cool – the date is right around high school graduation time!  The logo brand on the lid is from Miller’s Furniture Store so I had a clue with that part.   There is no town shown and the logo is a double lined version like this…

Double line

All boarder lines are double

Obviously, the important part of the inscription in the date.  I already have a dated TFF dated 1937 in almost the same fashion seen here…

FullSizeRender (1)

So, with a very high degree of certainty, I can say the TFF were made on or BEFORE 1936 and were distributed as late as 1937.  Also, the double lined logo continues to appear in the late 1930’s.  Remember, our trouble is we can only say the boxes were made BEFORE the date inscribed because the retailers may have purchased the boxes from Lane and then distributed them over several years depending on how many girls took them up on their offer.  To illustrate this point, I have one case where I found a TFF verbally dated 1961.  As we have seen in the last couple of posts, I’m thinking TFF’s were done being made between 1937 and 1939 as Tall boxes came on the scene.  Did the retailer in this 1961 case hold onto a TFF for over two decades?  Good question at this point.  Anyway, I am more interested in when the boxes were manufactured and sold to the retailers than when they were given to the girls.  I hope this makes sense.

Also, I am hopeful my documentation of my findings is adequate – like in this case my observation and screen shot from e-bay.  There are going to be times when purchasing a box just to have it for “documentation-sake” is a bit unrealistic.  As many of you know, I have perhaps a few more of these boxes than I need so adding more, unless there is something extraordinary, will get a little ridiculous, right?  In fact, maybe I should say I hope someone finds my documentation inadequate because that would mean someone cares as much about these little treasures as I do!

Thanks for reading…until next time…







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