Another cool story with a date!

Hi all.

I found a note inside of a box I recently purchased.  Actually, I bought the box because of the note.  I didn’t know all of the contents of the note, just a few sentences.  Here’s what the note says…


I graduated in June 1953 from High School.  I also got engaged June 30- 1953 to my high school boyfriend.  As a result of newspaper article on our engagement, I received several letters of congratulations which included several “free offers”.  In those days, it was a great sales promotion.  Girls had “Hope Chests” which was filled with linen for the wedding.  This wooden cedar chest was a free gift from Harrison Furniture store in Kirkland, N.Y..  It was to get us to the store to see their furniture line for the future.  The husband to be bought a cedar chest for their fiance, but my Mom gave me hers.  I still have it.  My Dad bought it for her in 1034.  Anyway, I’ve been carrying this little one around since 1953.  I got married in 1955 and lived in Florida for awhile.  My chest came with me.  I use to use it for letters from my fiance while he was in the Navy 1951-55.  Please enjoy the little cedar chest & if you need more information, please let me know.  

Take Care,


How cool is that!?  She kept letters from her husband in the little box I now have!  SJDL is short for the ladies name that wrote the note.  I have her full name.  With a little checking on the www, I found her and her daughter.  I also was able to verify that SJDL is exactly the age now that has her graduating from high school in 1953, 81 yrs. old.  As she offered, I have reached out to her about “more information” but I haven’t heard back from her yet.  I’ll let you know if we hook up and if there is “the rest of the story.”

Not only is this a great story, but it also provides confirmation of chronology.  Of course, the box brand matches the note and the box style is Tall.  I can confirm, then, that Tall boxes were first made earlier than 1953.  This isn’t earth-shattering since I know they were made as far back as 1939 from other documented findings (see my post from Jan 19, 2017).  Still, a pretty cool story, huh?

And the search goes on…




4 thoughts on “Another cool story with a date!

  1. What a wonderful story. To have left that letter, you now the lady really valued her Lane cedar box. Wonderful to her story surrounding it and hopefully you’ll be able to get more to add!


  2. Hi! I just came across your blog while researching the little Lane cedar chest that I found at a flea market today for $3. In looking through your posts, it seems my box may be from about 1939. (Wish I could attach photos.) It is the dimensions of the tall plain box, with the smaller round keyhole and the logo is the double lined one that matches the one you showed that was dated 1939.
    I also have my own mini cedar chest that I received in high school in 1988. Sadly it’s in the attic since I moved so I’ll have to wait to compare the two.
    Thank you for sharing all of your info on these boxes!


    • Tina,
      Thanks for reaching out and sharing. The one you have from 1988 is almost certainly a plain Small box probably with just the “Lane” logo with no design. I’ll be curious to hear…

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