New Variation, Tall Narrow (TN)!

Hi all!

Well, there I was, doing my nightly e-bay “research” when I came across a posting for a Tall box.  I’m in the habit of looking at every picture of every posting just to see if there are any hints about age like owner inscriptions and such.  Anyway, my attention was drawn to this particular box because it looked a little narrow (across the front).  The seller had laid a ruler in front of the box and it appeared to show this Tall box was 8 1/2″ wide, not the normal 9″.  Looking further, the seller described the width as 8 1/2″ also.  Intriguing.  There were only 3 pictures but it sure did look a tad bit narrow.  Buy it now!

I got it last night and YES, a new variation has been found!


Here it is…introducing Tall Narrow (TN)!  Shown in the photo sitting atop a Tall box. There isn’t anything else unusual about about the box.  It appears like all other Tall boxes, just 1/2″ narrower.  What the heck?  Of course, the obvious question is are there others?  I have physically touched or held over 100 of these boxes and I have viewed photographs of thousands.  Is it possible this narrow version has been right in front of me all along, hiding in plain sight?  Or, is this a very rare box?  Not many e-bay postings have the accurate size description so I have to rely upon the photos.  With my keen, trained eye (ha!) I can honestly say I did notice this box looked narrow but have others tricked me based on camera angle, lighting, etc.?

Regardless, a great find! It’s things like this that keep me going.  I will be paying even closer attention in the future to see if another TN reveals itself.

Until next time…



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