Thank you Altavista!

Hi all!

Oh my Goodness!  What a week!  What a wonderful couple of days!

Back almost 2 years ago I wrote a blog post entitled “Altavista, will you be my friend?” See my post dated 8/15/15 or just search “Altavista.”

Well, I got my answer in a big way!  I just returned from 44 hours in Altavista, VA!  And the answer to my question is a resounding YES!  I met the most friendly people on the planet and they made me feel more welcome that I could have ever dreamed.  I interviewed – really just chatted with dozens of residents – many with ties to the Lane factory and some with very personal experiences with our boxes.

I am trying to recover from being away from my house and family for almost a week but you better believe I will be filling you in with all the details in the coming days.

While there, I encouraged all Altavistans (Atltavistites?) to visit this very blog for information and to track my progress and findings.  So, if you are from Altavista, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hospitality and for making me feel so welcome in your great little town.  Please subscribe to this blog so you will know when I do my next post.

Lots more to come – I promise!

Until then….

Take care!


4 thoughts on “Thank you Altavista!

  1. Hi,just read the article in the Altavista paper and remembered that I have about 5 of these little boxes.2 are still in the original boxes.My husbands Aunt taught at the high school and I believe she bought a case of the boxes to give out to her students.


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