Altavista Follow-up #3 Lock sets

Hi all! As promised, we are going to talk about lock sets in this entry.  Isn't it funny, I have been looking at these boxes for years but never really paid attention to the lock sets.  The same key opens most all of them so what's the difference?  Stupid, stupid, stupid me. Before we get … Continue reading Altavista Follow-up #3 Lock sets

Altavista Follow-up #2, The short boxes

Hi all! Before I get into talking about the chronology, I want to address the mystery of the carved triangle found in several boxes addressed by me in my posts of 4/15/15 and 11/27/14.  My speculation was these carved out triangles were done to fix mistakes and/or to re-brand the lids.  Carvings like this... and … Continue reading Altavista Follow-up #2, The short boxes