Altavista – Follow up #1

Hi all!

I have organized all of the material and information I gathered in Altavista and I am now ready to start sharing what I learned while there.

Before I get into anything else, I want to thank the Avoca Museum Executive Director, Michael Hudson, and his wife for letting me borrow him while I was in town.  Without Mike’s help and encouragement I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what I did while there.  In my short time with Mike I can tell he is a dedicated, accomplished historian and thoughtful curator of the museum and the history of the area.  I am very humbled by my new-found friend.

As the article said, I stayed at the home of the late B.B. and Minnie Lane.   It is obvious the Lane family and specifically B.B. and Minnie had a huge impact on the town and once again, I was honored when Rick Lane offered me to stay in their house.

I met individually with around a dozen residents of Altavista and had many, many more conversations with folks during the TGIF town gathering in the lawn at the Avoca museum – fireflies, live music and all!   Spoiler alert…everyone was awesome and helpful.  However, do date, I am still waiting to meet someone that can help with the dating and documenting the pre-1939 boxes.

On the morning of the second day in town I met with Tim Dalton, the editor of the local newspaper, The Altavista Journal.  Tim interviewed me and a story appeared in that publication a few days later.  Hoping you can link to it here…

Very, very cool story and I’m honored the story was written!  Since this story appeared, I have heard from several area residents who have shared their knowledge of the program and their personal experiences with Lane.  I’m still waiting for someone as obsessed as me about the boxes.

Fear not!  My time in Altavista did pay dividends.  Specifically, my conversations with Bill and Larry have shed some light on the chronology of the Short series of boxes.  I will discuss this in the next posting.

Until next time…





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