Early Era boxes – Ohio Manufacturer

Hi all!

A little over a week ago, I found a box at Goodwill for $4.00.  The box was not a Lane but because it had a hasp and hook on the front, I figured if the box couldn’t be cleaned up I could use it for parts because the hasp and hinges were similar to Lane boxes.

The box had metal straps across the top falling onto the front of the lid along with metal attached with nails to the front and handles on each side.  The corners had box joints like this…


The stamp on the bottom was this…


Remember Mr. Krauss said Lane bought boxes by the thousands from Chicago and Ohio. I did some research and found Pilliod Lumber Company made machinists chests and little boxes in the early 20th century.  I was able to also locate a Pilliod box with rabbet and dado joinery just like the LHF Lane box and the Peterson Brothers boxes discussed earlier.  I found it on e-bay and bought it pretty cheap for a closer look.

This is the Pilliod box with rabbet and dado joinery…


The sticker on the bottom of this box looks like this…


Take the metal ornamentation off of this box and it looks very similar to the Lane THF boxes, don’t you think?  The size isn’t exactly the same but very similar.

It turns out there is a little more information about Pilliod of Swanton, Ohio than there is about Peterson Brothers.  Like I said, Pilliod Lumber transitioned from machinists chests to novelty boxes and later to occasional tables just like Lane.  It turns out Pilliod’s major competitor in Ohio was the firm of H. Gerstner & Sons whose domination of the machinist’s chest market continues to this day.  Yes, I checked, I don’t see that Gerstner has ever made a novelty/trinket box like those we have been discussing.

Given I have learned Pilliod was a major manufacturer of these little boxes in the late 1920’s, I am going to say that Lane purchased boxes from Pilliod in the early days of the Girl Graduate Plan.

Let’s summarize the J. Arthur Krauss interview and my recent findings in my next post.

Until then…




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