Very Early Era 1925-1929

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Several times in the past I mentioned the Girl Graduate Plan started around 1929 but recently I have found evidence that miniature boxes were being distributed by Lane prior to 1929.  Remember this photo with Mr. Krauss holding a box?  The photo is dated 1925.


See my previous posts about the origin of this style (Early Era) boxes.

I ran across this box on e-bay this week…


By all accounts, this is a Short box without anything special except the plaque attached to the top.  And here’s a closer look at that…


So, several things about this little plaque stand out to me.

  1.  The entire Lane logo which usually only appears on full size chests is used.
  2. The “Keepsake Program” apparently relates to the Girl Graduate Plan – perhaps because the “Graduate” plan was waning in 1999.
  3. Most importantly, the date of 1929 – let’s discuss…

Remember, the photo of Mr. Krauss clearly shows (and the caption supports) he is holding a miniature box in 1925.  However, 1929 is very clearly the year Lane recognizes as the first year of the miniature box distribution program – by whatever name.

Again, my hypothesis is the early years of the Program were a trial for what was to come. Boxes were purchased from other manufactures and then distributed (sold) to their retailers to be used as gifts to graduates.

Incidentally, the box with the plaque on top does not have a logo under the lid.  However, there is a ink stamped name and address of a retailer on the bottom that looks to me like it was added at the retailer.

On a somewhat related topic, I have evidence miniature boxes were SOLD by Lane for some years and were not part of any promotion at all.  Let’s save that for another post.

That’s it for now.





3 thoughts on “Very Early Era 1925-1929

  1. Lane did give these away in the Dallas, Texas area when I graduated in 1990. I can’t remember the exact offer but I remember going to a local Lane store and showing some kind of ad and they have me one of the small boxes with a key. I still have it to this day along with a large chest that belonged to my grandmother.


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