Peterson Brothers Mfg. – Cigar boxes

Hi all!

Please reference my post of August 14th regarding my hypothesis about Peterson Brothers being involved in the manufacture of the first boxes used in the Lane Girl Graduation Plan.

Based on my research, I have now linked this company to the manufacture of cigar boxes as well.

Here’s what I know…

According to the internet, the Revenue Act of 1864 stated that all cigars were required to be packed in boxes. Shortly thereafter, cigars became cheaper and more available, and many of the boxes that they came in are considered collectible items today.

There is a Peterson Brothers box currently for sale on e-bay.  Next to the same diamond shaped Peterson logo on the bottom of the box is a label that says…




The Manufacturers of the Cigars herein contained have complied with all the requirements of Law…Every Person is cautioned not to use either this Box for Cigars again or the Stamp therein again nor to remove the contents of this Box without destroying said stamp under Penalties provided by Law in such cases.”

I now have a new avenue to pursue regarding the history of Peterson company.  Perhaps cigar box collectors are more “passionate” than Lane box collectors…at least on line…

In other news, I am about to embark on project that will hopefully lead to a better web presence for the Lane miniatures.  More to come on this soon

That’s it for now…





2 thoughts on “Peterson Brothers Mfg. – Cigar boxes

  1. Hello- I just found your blog!
    Have you written about what you look for when deciding whether to purchase a Lane small keepsake box?
    What do you think makes one more valuable than another?
    Do you ever refinish them?
    Thank you!


  2. Liz,
    Glad your found me! Check out my post from February 27, 2017 where I discuss valuation (or lack there of) currently in the marketplace. At this point, given I have close to 100 of these boxes, I don’t buy many anymore unless there is something rare or unique about them. Those with owner inscriptions are valuable to me because I may be able to use the information to build on my chronology. The easy answer is the boxes with a Lane logo and a hasp/hook (as opposed to a key hole) are older, rarer and, in my opinion more valuable. But, as I lament in the post, no one is caring about this now.
    I have refinished a few boxes. I have repaired many more- cracks and such. I only refinish a box if it is really messed up – with paint or glue or something totally affecting the look of the box. I’m not in the camp that you should never re-finish – there were millions of these made and they aren’t that rare yet for us to get to concerned with that.
    By the way, I am working on a website now that will be much easier to navigate than my blog…watch the blog for details.
    Are you a collector? How did you find my blog?
    Keep in touch!


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