Canadian Boxes – Update

Hi all!

If you wish, please reference my post from December 11, 2016 wherein I discuss a box distributed by a Canadian retailer and how the Lane logo and the retailer’s name were stamped in ink.  I eventually ended up buying the aforementioned Canadian box to add to my collection.  Besides the ink stamped logo and retailer under the lid, the other notable feature of this box is that it doesn’t look like it had the colored lacquer finish on it as other Lane boxes do.

If you look closely at most Lane boxes you can see a reddish or pinkish coloring of the hinges due to the colored lacquer being sprayed on the boxes during the finishing process.  This color makes the cedar a little redder looking.  This coloring also has the effect of evening out the natural color differences in the cedar wood.  I like the darker color but I must say, the natural difference in the wood color does add some interest.  To a trained eye, it is pretty easy to tell if a box has been stripped and re-finished because this red color disappears during the striping and sanding process.  Other signs of re-finishing are drips or runs from the top coat or a residual red color in the lighter areas of the cedar.  Also, the hinges tend to hold onto the color pretty well.

OK, back to the Canadian boxes.  There is another Canadian box for sale on e-bay right now.  My box doesn’t have any color added and I’m relatively confident it has its original finish.   This e-bay listed box also has an ink stamped Lane logo and retailer and ALSO appears to NOT have been colored during the original manufacturing process.

Why would Canadian boxes not be colored? All other Tall boxes are darker in color than these two Canadian examples.  I can’t imagine there was some prohibition of “colored lacquer” on imports to Canada…curious, very curious.  Who knows if we will ever know…

By the way, keep a close eye out…a cool box is heading my way and I will be presenting it to you in the next week or so!

Until then, take care!




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