J. Arthur Krauss – You sly dog!

Hi all!

As promised in my last post, I have a special treat for you this time.  To set the stage, a couple of reminders…J. Arthur Krauss was the Marketing Director (not exactly sure of his title) that has been credited with the concept of the Girl Graduation Plan and the miniature box program at Lane.  He worked for Lane for many years and I believe he lived into his 90’s.

What I have designated as “Tall” boxes are among the most common of our box variations next to “Short” boxes which were distributed later.  Tall boxes appear as early as 1937 and were distributed as late 1959 with a suspension of manufacturing during WWII from roughly 1941 to 1946.

While “researching” on e-bay recently I came across a Tall box with a very interesting name in the space under the Lane logo on the lid usually reserved for the name of the retailer. Here’s what I found…


Pretty cool, hey?  I have NEVER seen a logo brand done in gold – this is a first.

Speculation – begin!  What would have been the purpose of this special box with this Lane executive’s name found within?  At first, I thought Mr. Krauss may have given this box to retailers in the Girl Graduation Plan program as a reward for something or just as a simple gift.  However, the retailers knew these boxes weren’t horribly valuable and I’m not sure they would have been impressed by the gesture.  Maybe he gave them as gifts or rewards to employees in the factory?  Perhaps he had them made so he could present them to “dignitaries” that he met during his many years in the furniture business?  Maybe this was an experiment of some kind and a very limited run was made – testing the gold coloring?

I guess we probably will never know.  However, I think the absence of anything other than the gold color of the brand says something.  In later years we know Lane experimented with woods other than cedar and with felt linings, mirrors, etc..  Mr. Krauss didn’t get too fancy with this personalized box and perhaps this is a commentary on how difficult (and costly) it may have been to change anything dramatic about the box given the way the manufacturing line was set up.

Whatever the case, I am proud to be the owner of this special box directly linked to the “Idea Man” behind the entire miniature box program at Lane.

Teaser…work continues on a website dedicated to our boxes…stay tuned!

Hope all is well with you…until next time…






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