Website gains traction!

Hi all!

I think you all know by now, but, just to set the stage for this post… is LIVE!

Just a few things of interest about the site that’s happened over the past couple of weeks.

First, the site has grown from just over 200 unique views to almost 1,100 in less than two weeks!  This up-tick is due, in large part, to my friends in Altavista that helped by linking to their Facebook pages.  Thank you, Altavista!!!

Second, although we’ve still got limited viewing, I am noticing that e-bay sellers are suddenly more educated than they have been in the previous 4 years.  I’ve noticed sellers have obviously visited the website while doing their “research” to describe the box they are selling.  In some cases I have communicated with sellers who have confirmed this.  All good!  Maybe they will stop calling them “salesman samples.” Ha!

Third, I have written an article to published on a popular all-things-vintage site in the next couple of weeks.  When that actually happens, I’ll link to the article on this blog.  This could be a big boost to site visits!

Fourth, I am still trying to find (or figure out) a Forum for the website.  This would be a place where there could be topics that are being discussed on a continuous basis. I’m particularly interested in the stories ladies have about the experience they had when they got their boxes and what they have meant to them over the years.  My point here is that the site is still a work in progress.  I just haven’t found the Forum format that I like.

Lastly, don’t forget the website, like this blog was made to connect collectors.  If you’re a collector, please reach out to me.  Because, at this point, I’m the only one out here.

Thank you, all for your interest.

Until next time,




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