New box found! We shall call it SJB!

Hi all!

A few days ago I’m checking out the miniature box scene online and found this gem on Etsy…feast your eyes on this!



I’ve already reached out to my friends in Altavista as well as the seller to see if anyone knows anything about it because, at this time, I’m stunned!

Let’s get to the dimensions.  The box is the same height (and length) as a Short Rounded (SR) box as seen here…


However, it is a wider (or deeper) front to back measuring  5  5/8″ rather than the standard short box measurement of 4  15/16″ as seen here…SR on top of SJB.



There are many things about this new find that are VERY intriguing!  And here they are…

  • The box is painted a yellow-ish color on the outside and white inside.
  • It has a collapsible shelf integrated in the design – more on this below.
  • The interior shelf, inside lid and bottom are all lined in green felt.
  • It came with a flat key and the screwed-in lock set works – more on this below.
  • The joinery is the same as a SR – really any post-1935 box.
  • The catch for the lock is missing.
  • The logo on the bottom is the same we have seen on the lids of early boxes with hasps but is larger than those at 2 1/8″ wide.
  • It originally had inset felt feet – replace with rubber.
  • The wood, as you can see in the photos is much more fine and straight than cedar – I’m thinking mahogany.
  • The hinges (painted over) and escutcheon are standard for short boxes.
  • There is a very sharp, detailed goldish-brown stencil decorating the top of the box

The little shelf is only 2 3/8″ deep but it would not fit in a standard Short box.  In order for this shelf and hinge mechanism to work, the box had to be bigger?  Yes, this is a question.  Did the designers of this box need to make the box deeper so the shelf could be big enough to be usable?


  • This box could have easily been made in the 1950’s – when lock sets were screwed in.
  • Perhaps this is a prototype or limited run made to see if Lane could sell little jewelry boxes?  Although, in all of my research, I’ve never seen anything like it.
  • With the felt lining, there is no place to brand the interior, so they put it on the bottom?  All boxes since the late 1930’s had the words “Presented by” branded under the Lane logo.  Since this probably wasn’t part of the Girl Graduate Plan (and therefore not presented by a dealer), did Lane revert to an “old” logo used on the early boxes without the words “Presented by?”
  • Was mahogany used because cedar doesn’t take paint real well?
  • Really tough to put an age on the box but I would guess 1950’s based on the fact it looks a lot like a SR box and the design looks to be of that time.

I’m calling it SJB for Short Jewelry Box.

In the next couple days I will be adding this information to  When I know more, I will share it here.

Good times!





4 thoughts on “New box found! We shall call it SJB!

  1. Chad:
    This yellowish wash finish seems similar to the inside of that large 13.75” Long box I sent you pics a couple of weeks ago. I wonder if there is a connection? Remember this was the one you thought might be a prototype. Feel free to post the pics if you like.


    • Roger, The color is very similar to your box. I will do a blog entry about your box and discuss further. This jewelry box lock set is not painted white while your lock set is painted yellow… watch for my post. Thank you!


  2. Hi Chad,
    My husband is 79 and grew up in Altavista. He and his brother played in the plant. He recently began collecting the miniatures and currently has 20, mostly from North Carolina. Great information on your website.


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