Disney Lane Miniature Collection!

Hi all!

Catching up…

Last week I received an e-mail from a friend in Altavista (the home of Lane) who has a friend who has a “collection” of Lane miniatures.  NOW WE’RE GETTING SOMEWHERE!  Right?  I got permission to share photos of her collection…in the original boxes!

lane mini20180720_09204420180720_09244120180720_09252220180720_09255520180720_092218

We’ve talked about this boxes before – but since we have them all here, let’s do it again.

In the waning years of the Lane miniature program, Lane made boxes and made selling/licensing agreements with several corporations – one being Disney.  I know you could order these boxes from Lane and I also believe Disney must have sold them as well.  I believe this has something to do with the packaging – note the two different boxes (above) the Mickey Mouse came in for example.

How cool are the etched ones!?

These boxes are made of pine and have a simple “Disney” stamp on the bottom and the word “Lane” under the lid.  I don’t believe this is a complete Disney Lane box collection because I have a brochure dated 1997 showing a “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” version with an image of a baby Mickey Mouse in pajamas.

Like I mentioned, in the waning years of the miniatures, the Girl Graduate Plan had run its course and Lane executives were doing whatever they could to keep the miniature department viable including making boxes like those shown here as well as ones with sports images, holiday themes, etc. – well over 30 different boxes with images.

I guess a post-Girl Graduate Plan, Lane miniature discussion is in order…coming soon.

Thank you to my friends in Altavista for today’s content.  Pretty cool, huh?

Until next time…




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