Large Mystery Box- Lane?

Hi all,

I am behind in my blog posts – I will try to get a few out over the next few days.

Really cool find to report – box and reader!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a blog reader, Roger, who found a Lane-ish box and he sent me some pictures.  The box is big – 13″ W x 6 1/4 D x 5 1/4 H.  It looks a lot like a Lane miniature only larger.  Note that the four hinges are identical to those found on Lane miniatures.  Also, the same routed bottom.

unnamedunnamed (2)

The inside is painted yellow and the screwed-in lock-set appears to be the same as those found in Lane miniatures as well.  Roger also mentioned this box has a small key hole escutcheon – like those found in TFF and early Tall boxes.

unnamed (1)unnamed (3)

The yellow paint on the interior appears very similar to SJB describes in my last blog.  Also, the green felt is similar and this box appears to be made of mahogany like SJB.  The bottom is lined with felt and the little shelf sits on the supports found on the interior to the left. No markings are on the box at all.

Oh, and Roger found this box in an antique shop in VIRGINIA – yes the home of Lane!  Coincidence?  Lane prototype?  One-of-a-kind so far.  Very cool nonetheless!

Roger’s holding onto his treasure but is now part of the discussion – and that’s what this blog is all about!  Thank you for sharing, Roger!

More to come…

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