What am I? A Collector?

Hi all!

I’m back but already side-tracked from my original intention for posts…

As I thought about my last post and looked over all of the miniature boxes Lane had for sale in the 1990’s, a question came to me…what am I in relation to these Lane boxes?

A “collector” is someone who builds a collection of things of a specific type.  I have around 100 of these miniature Lane boxes.  Most would consider it a collection.  And, as I’ve mentioned here before, my future intention is to only acquire boxes of significance – those that are special or unique in some way and help me document the history of the Lane miniature story.  However, if I’m NOT striving to acquire an example of each variation of the 1990’s boxes (yes, I will do a post about them) then am I really a “collector?”  Currently, I only have a hand-full of post-Girl Graduate Plan boxes.

I’m thinking it would be really cool to track down every version that I know was available.  However, given there were well over 30, that could be a tough task especially given I have only seen about half of them ever on the open market.  Some may have had such limited distribution that they may never be found.  A “collector” would try to find them all, right?

I’ve said I’m a collector and also an obsessed expert or historian.  Maybe I could trade-out some of my current boxes of little significance for those 90’s boxes and, therefore, be a true collector.  And, I wouldn’t have to find more room in my house for my little obsession.  Hummmm…..

Until next time,


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