Post Girl Graduate Plan miniatures discussion.

Hi all.

I have touched on the topic of non-Girl Graduate Plan (GGP) miniatures several times in the past on this blog and on my companion website to this blog,  Admittedly the history of Lane and the GGP is more interesting to me than the later boxes and the relatively sad downward spiral to the end of the miniatures.  However, these later boxes are still part of the story and deserve my attention as the only “Curator of Knowledge” about the miniatures on the planet earth.  You say I’m not?  Show yourself and prove yourself worthy of knocking me off of my self-proclaimed pedestal (or at least contributing to the conversation).

I am currently collecting my records and photos of the boxes known to be offered for sale by Lane during the late 1980’s and into the late 1990’s.  I will likely post about my research here and will also post information about the post-GGP boxes on the website.

A little teaser…so far I have found advertising for close to 40 different boxes that were offered for sale by Lane to the public including those found in my previous blog post about the Disney boxes.  All of these boxes are what we consider Short.  Most, but not all, of these boxes were made of pine and all had images printed on their lids.  The boxes were Lane’s attempt to keep the miniature department at the Altavista Lane factory viable.  Some of the artwork is attractive but some, unfortunately fall pretty flat. Like say this one…img_5692-e1532320721714.jpg

This is a photo from a Lane brochure offering many different boxes for sale.  I have not seen one of these boxes in the marketplace but I’m going to keep my eyes open – more than I have in the past.

Also, watch for a post about my contacts in Altavista and discussions about prototypes made during the later years.

That’s it for now…more to come in the near future.

Take care.



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