Personalized Brass Plates

Hi all!

I came across a posting on e-bay recently and thought I’d comment on it…

The posting was for a standard Short box but with the opportunity to add a personalized brass plate to it…

personalize plate

I’ve blown up the “Personalize” card for you…

personalize plate

In the later years of the Miniature program, Lane offered to have this brass engraved plate customized and sent to the box owner. A card was completed and sent in and then the plate was sent to the person.   I’m not sure if any dealers in the Girl Graduate Plan gifting program included this offer but I don’t know why they wouldn’t have.  Notice that this box appears like all other boxes in the GGP with the dealers name on the lid.

I believe this offer was made for several years and yet I have NEVER seen a box with a brass plate attached to it nor have I seen a box with any evidence a plate was attached to the top.  What do we make of this?  Either the brass plate offer was a miserable failure in that no one ever ordered one or when a brass plate was attached to the box it somehow became immune from being offered for sale on the open market – for like 5 years so far.  Does a brass plate make it harder for owners or family members to sell the box?  Interesting.

Also, note how the ink is bleeding on the card.  This card has obviously been stored in the box and the oil/off-gassing of the cedar reacts with the ink and makes it run/bleed.

That’s all for now…


One thought on “Personalized Brass Plates

  1. Very interesting! I would have had the box engraved if I’d gotten one for graduating. I would have engraved it for Erin, too, if she’d received one! Great post, Chad!


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