Canadian TFF found!

Hi all!

I have a few things to share and may get to them over the next couple of days as I catch up with my blogging.

As the title says, I found a Canadian Tall Fluted Foot box on e-bay and snatched it up!  There are so many unique features of this TFF that I am going to give it its own variation designation – TFF-C  “C” for Canadian.  Here are the differences…

FullSizeRender (3) (1)

The lid logo doesn’t say Altavista, VA and it also doesn’t say “Presented by.”  Additionally, the name of the dealer (sorry, no pic) is rubber stamped just below the logo on the lid.

FullSizeRender (2) (1)

The paper label on the bottom is new for me.  The other Canadian label I have is very similar but this one doesn’t have a red line around the perimeter of the label like the other one does.  Also, note the wording, “Makers in Canada of the Famous Lane Cedar Chests…” I’ll get to this below.


This is a view of the rear joints on the Canadian box (left) and a typical TFF American box (right).  See how the joint is different?  The Canadian box really isn’t the locking rabbet joint typically seen in Lane miniatures – it is a simple rabbet joint.  Therefore, the Canadian box shows way more end grain of the side piece from the back than the American version does…maybe you can see it in the next photo…Also, a hint of the hinge difference can be seen here…discussed below.

IMG_5776 (1)

Another couple of differences shown here…The Canadian box is on the bottom.  See how the top edge is square or sharp whereas the same edge on the American box is rounded over?  The dark vertical corner down the back is showing the edge grain as discussed above.  The Canadian box has flush-mounted, nailed-in hinges rather than the mortised, interior mounted hinges of the American version.  The Canadian hinges are similar to those we have found on THBF and THF boxes only smaller.

I’ve reached out to my Altavista contacts to see if I can learn more about Knechtels Limited.  Did they make these boxes and other Lane furniture pieces or was it simply a licensing agreement?  Based on the language on the label, I’m leaning toward the former.  Also, TFF-C is different in so many ways, it can’t be a coincidence that the only one I’ve found is also the only version like this.  Said another way…I doubt the miniature department in Altavista would have made this version, sent it to Canada and then made another version for the American market.  There’s just too many things different about it to think, after all my years of looking these boxes, that it came from the same place as all the other TFF’s.  I’ll let you know if I learn anything more about Knechtels from my Altavista friends.

Oh, and of course, there’s not much on the internet about Knechtels to help me out.  Once again, if I find anything I will probably just edit this post or maybe write a new one.

That’s it for now…watch for more posts soon and I’ll be adding this information to my website, very soon as well.  Please check out the site – I think you’ll like it!  Also, it has way better photos of all the box variations.

Until next time…


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