Some YouTube Exposure for our Boxes!

Hi all!

I’ve been a fan of YouTuber, Keith Rucker at for several years.  Keith’s channel is devoted, in large part, to the rescue and restoration of vintage metal working machinery used by machinists.  His good nature, attention to detail, craftsmanship, and teacher-like style have taught me a lot about metal work and the machinist trade of which I know nothing about.

He posts videos pretty regularly and has just about completed building a beautiful new shop on his property.  One side of the shop devoted to metal work and the other to my hobby, woodworking.  He discusses his shop progress in the attached video.

I’ve known all along that Keith lives in Tifton, GA.  Recently, as I was going through my box collection list, I noticed I had a box from Tifton and decided to send it to him as a gift of appreciation for the hours of entertainment and education he has provided me over the last few years.

Keith decided to read a part of my message to him in his latest “Odds & Ends” video.  I was thrilled to say the least!  I’m even more thrilled that he is going to gift the box I sent to him to his daughter that is going to graduate from high school soon!

Below is the YouTube video…you can forward to the 7:10 mark if you want to jump to the box discussion.

Pretty cool that Keith spent some time talking about the Lane dealer and providing my contact info to help build our community!

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Some YouTube Exposure for our Boxes!

  1. Chad – that really is cool … congratulations on the kudos from Keith Rucker – and for unknowingly sending such a sweet gift for Keith’s soon-to-be high school graduate!


  2. I was given my Mom’s full size Lane cedar chest, along with the miniature chest she received at her HS graduation in 1949 or 1950 in Sedro Woolley or Mt Vernon, WA. I also received a chest for my HS graduation in 1977. At some point, I gave hers to Goodwill, probably because it didn’t look as nice as mine. I so regret that now, for many reasons, and have tried to find one as close to what I remember hers looking like. It had more rounded corners than mine, as I recall. Any photos of boxes from that time would be greatly appreciated.


    • Beverly,
      I’m glad you found the site! Thank you for sharing your story. Given when you said your mom graduated, her box would very likely have been what I describe as “Tall.” You can find it in the chronology on the site. Or use this link
      There were taller and more rounded than the one you would have received. What high school and in what town did the two of you graduate from?
      Thanks again for checking in! —Chad


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