New Box Variation Found! S-CH

Hi all!

It’s been awhile, huh?

Recently, doing my “research” I came across this box on ebay and, since I’ve never seen it before, I had to buy it to see what it was all about given the photos and description weren’t great.


The print on the lid is definitely original and it has a signature in the lower right-hand corner of the print.  The signature is really small and out of focus…


After spending a bunch of time on Google, I finally determined the artist is Glynda Turley, a rather prolific and famous artist from Arkansas.  I found a pretty good article about her…  This article actually mentions her licensing images to Lane.

The box is Short but has a very unique feature.  Where the lid comes together with the box, the entire perimeter is slightly chamfered.  Here’s a photo trying to show this feature…


Also, the bottom of the box is completed rounded.  There are no markings of any kind on the box…just the image on the lid.  I am going to designate it S-CH for it being a Short box with the chamfer described above.

I’m sure this was a very limited run for Lane as I’ve never seen it before.  I am trying to put a year on when it was distributed…1990’s?  I’ll let you know if I find anything else about it.

I am going to add this information to my website…  Check it out…

Until next time…







5 thoughts on “New Box Variation Found! S-CH

  1. I just found your site last night and I’ve just been loving it! I have a number of these little boxes – I use them to hold my collection of old and interesting handkerchiefs. My mom gave me hers, and her sister did, and I have always kept an eye out at thrift stores and the like – I graduated high school in 1985 and was able to buy a couple brand new from the furniture store in my home town, but all the others are secondhand. I’ve gotten lucky already this year, finding two at my local thrift store – they appear to be short rounded or short versions – when I have the time I’m going to set my whole collection out and see what I have.

    I found the box chronology on really interesting! It sparked something in my head – my mom had gotten me a box a few years ago and I am embarrassed to admit, I rather less than gratefully took a look and said, No Ma, that’s not one of *my* boxes – it’s too long and not as deep front to back, and it has a hasp; and I put it away – so rude! 🙂

    Well now that I’ve looked at your chronology, I’m pretty sure it’s a short beveled box, though it’s been subject to some less-than-skilled repair. A drippy sloppy lacquer job, and the hinges were replaced – with three instead of two, and they glued in a wooden lining that puzzles me.

    It’s got differences though – it has the logo of a Tall Hasp with Feet, (but no feet) and while it does have the bevels on top, they’re much subtler than those in your image of the short beveled, and it’s an inch narrower ( 9″ (L) x 4″ (W) x 3 5/16″ (H) ). Would you be interested in seeing pictures?

    Also, I was looking on ebay and I thought you might like to see – there’s a box for sale that comes with the full documentation – and there’s also a Tall Fluted with feet that I have been eyeing now that I know such a thing exists 😀


    • Dana,
      Really glad you found me and am glad this site is a resource for you. I would love to have you send me a pic of the box you mentioned. My suspicions are that you may have found a THF where the feet have been cut off. Is there any faint evidence they were there? I’ve seen this many times. I think one or more feet break and the others are just taken off because it’s easier than the fix. Look forward to hearing back from you.


  2. Except it’s not more narrow, now that I checked the dimensions again I see mine matches very closely. There is one corner of the bottom that has a faint round impression, I am sure it’s from a missing foot and you’re right, it’s a tallhasp with feet with missing feet. Too bad such a treasure got so badly repaired. I may try to undo some of the damage; I have a few that need some TLC and it’d be a cool project.


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