Chronology breaker! Short box with old logo.

Hi all!

The mystery box I mentioned in my last post has arrived and I’m stumped!

At this point in my research, I pretty much know what to expect when I look at a box.  I have viewed/inspected thousands of boxes both in person and on-line.  All of my conclusions related to chronology can be found on my website…  I try to look at each feature of each box I come across to find clues about age and chronology so when I found this box I was…well, confused.

The box is a typical Short box like this…

Short (S)

I can usually tell by the finish if the box is older (1960’s) or newer (1980’s).  In my opinion, the older boxes appear to have a heavier lacquer finish and don’t have the finish bleeding on to the hinges.  Our mystery box appears to be of the older variety.  Consistent with this, the bottom has insets for felt.  As we’ve discussed before, the insets were discontinued to cut costs on the later years.  So far so good.

However, the lock looks like this…


This is a little strange because older Short boxes have screwed-in lock like this…


This isn’t a huge deal but pressed-in locks are definitely of the younger variety.

The strangest thing about this mystery box is the lid logo.  It looks like this…


This is weird for a couple of reasons.  First, I’ve never seen a double-lined logo like this without the “Presented by” underneath it with a dealers name.  Second, I’ve only seen a double-lined logo similar to this (except on Canadian boxes without the “Altavista, Va”) on Tall Fluted Foot boxes and occasionally on a Tall box but NEVER on a short box! The typical double-lined logo is associated with boxes I have been able to date to the late 1930’s and into the mid-to-late 1940’s.  The double-lined lid logo usually looks like this…


Note the double line boarder as opposed to the logo found below.  I have plenty of examples of boxes from the late 1940’s to mid 1960’s with this logo…


The VERY earliest that I have have been able to date ANY variation of a Short box is the late 1950’s and all of them have the logo seen above which was on most of the older Tall boxes from the late 40’s to late 50’s.

Remember, by the late 1930’s, ALL miniature Lane boxes were being made in the Miniatures Department in the Altavista, VA factory.  The question remains; why did they revert back to using this logo in this Short box made decades after the double-lined logo was retired?

So, lots of contradictory features: Unique double-lined logo (1930’s-1940’s?), inset felt on bottom (early Short boxes 1960’s-1970’s), pressed-in lock set (later Short boxes – 1970’s?).  This unique box will haunt me for a while.  Was it a quick “run” of the logo for a special purpose?  We will probably never know.   What do you think?

Stuff like this keeps me interested in collecting and researching these boxes and it reminds me to remain vigilant by inspecting each feature of every box I am able to inspect because you never know what clue there might be.

I will be updating the website soon to reflect the new logo found in this mystery box.

I’ve got another unique feature to talk about coming your way soon so watch for another post.

Until next time…


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