New RARE GOLD logo!

Hi all!

Another post for you today.

While doing my “research” on ebay today, I came across a logo in a box that is being sold in a lot of 8 boxes.  As you probably can imagine, I’ve got enough Lane miniatures and unless I really need to inspect the box or it is super rare, I sometimes need to pass on the purchase.  I definitely don’t need the other 7 boxes I would have to buy to get this one box.  Therefore, going by the photos, the only thing unusual about the Tall box is this logo…


Double-lined logos are only found in TFF and Tall boxes.  As a reminder, or for those just joining me, I’ve found one other very special gold logo in a Tall box…


J. Arthur Krauss is the idea man behind the Lane Girl Graduate Plan.  See my post from February 14, 2018 for more about this logo.

I find it very interesting that the Gold Double-lined logo has been found.  Why did Kane Furniture Co. get their logo branded in gold?  Did they pay extra for gold?  Did they achieve some goal with Lane and this was their reward? Again, a question we may never know the answer to.

Pretty cool find I think.  What do you think?

My website has been updated to include this logo and a couple others.  Check it out!

Until next time…


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