Basketball Box in the “Wild”

Hi all!

I’ve mentioned in the past about how few post-Girl Graduate Plan boxes have been found for sale on ebay and such.  I hypothesize that there aren’t many of the boxes – mostly with images on their tops – because they weren’t very popular when they were sold in the final years of Lane miniature manufacturing in the late 1990’s.

Lane tried everything they could think of to market the boxes including making them somewhat appealing to boys.  With all due respect to the folks at Lane, the images, especially the ones with sports images, are pretty…let’s say…rudimentary.  They did a great job designing cedar chests and furniture – not so much with box art – ha!

Very few of these sports themed boxes are found in the “wild” these days.

Here’s some photos of one found on ebay.


sport box


So, this is a box from the Lane “Sports Box” collection.  Pretty sweet, huh?  I have photos of all of the post-Girl Graduate Plan boxes I’ve found on my website.  Here’s the LINK.

Thanks for reading.

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