Mysterious Bottom Number Stamps

Hi all!

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there!

Over the years I have noticed three digit numbers very rarely stamped on the bottom of our little boxes.  Nothing about them seemed to make any sense.  Two of the boxes in my collection have these numbers on the bottom and yesterday I noticed a stamp on the bottom of a box for sale on e-bay.

Here’s what the stamp looks like…


Wouldn’t it be cool if these three digits (453) represented a manufacture date of April, 1953?  This stamp was found on the bottom of a Tall (T) box so that date totally fits within our chronology.  Evidence like this could be very helpful for our chronology.

The numbers found on the other two boxes I have documented are 155 on a Tall box and 652 on a Short Rounded (SR) box.  January of 1955 makes sense for a Tall box but June of 1952 is earlier than we have documented for SR boxes.  The earliest documentation we have for a SR box is 1957 and we definitely have seen tall boxes documented into the late 1950’s so 1952 doesn’t fit so well.

What I have to watch for is number stamps with four digits that still could represent dates.  Of course four digits because of October (10), November (11) and December (12).  This is definitely something worth keeping an eye out for!

Until next time…


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