Just when I think I know…Class of 55 sticker!

Hi all!

Just when I think I have a some slight grasp on the chronology and the age of our boxes, something comes along and makes me question my hypothesis.

Chasing the boxes tonight I came across a very typical Short box that looks like this on the ebay store…

Short (S)

Because it has this logo (below) I would consider it an early example of a Short box meaning late 1950’s to early 60’s.


Single line surrounding words

You see, my hypothesis is that the Tall boxes were phasing out around 1955 at which time Lane went to what I am calling a transitional style, Short Round that looks like this…


Notice the rounded corners as opposed to the square vertical corners on the Short box shown at the top of this post.  If the bottom numbers discussed in my last couple of posts prove to be date related then SR boxes were distributed in 1956 after which time Lane went to Short boxes around 1957.

However, waaa, waaa, waaa the ebay box tonight has this sticker under the lid…


I ask you, how and why would a sticker from 1955 get on a box made (in my mind) no earlier than 1957?  Ugh!  I can’t come up with a way for this to happen.  Boxes manufactured by Lane and distributed to dealers in one year could be given to Graduates for many years into the future but, but…my brain hurts!

Perhaps Lane made Short boxes for a short time before going to SR an then back to Short?

Well, I guess I note another “anomaly” in my chronology and keep on plugging along.  I’m only a couple of years off, right?

Hoping all is well with you!


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