Peterson Brothers Box – Age 1929

Hi all!

As a reminder, my working theory is Peterson Brothers Mfg. in Chicago made boxes for Lane as part of the Girl Graduate Plan from roughly 1925 to 1935 along with Pilliod of Ohio.  I won’t go into my rationale here; you can go back to my posts about Early Era boxes for more about my hypothesis.

Because there are way fewer Peterson Brothers boxes in the market at this point, I have not had many opportunities to put an age on these boxes.  As a reminder, the logo on the bottom of Peterson Brothers boxes looks like this…


Today I found a box with a note on the bottom.  It reads, “To Mother From Charlie, Aug 1929, Omaha Nebr. and it has the same logo seen above as well.  It may be a little hard to see in this photo…below “Omaha.”


The box looks like this…and is very similar to the early era Lane boxes like Tall Hasp with Feet and Large Hasp with Feet…

Peterson box with inscription…


Early era Lane box…THF

Tall Clasp (TC)

Lane box…Large Hasp with Feet…with Short Rounded box on top…


Anyway, just some more evidence that Peterson Brothers was manufacturing cedar boxes in the early days of the Girl Graduate Plan – 1929 fits perfectly with my hypothesis.

Until next time.


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