Cool carved box for Megan

Hi all!

Recently a box collector named John came across this box at a thrift store and luckily he found this blog and shared the find with me.


We will probably never know who the artist/carver LJK? is but it’s nice to know the box is in the hands of someone that will preserve and appreciate it.  Mighty impressive if you ask me!  Hopefully Megan appreciated the time and detailed involved in this customization!

There’s nothing special about the box (Short) other than the cool carving.

The really good news is that someone (John) was looking for information about Lane miniature chests and with a little effort on-line was able to find me through this blog and my website…!  We’re making progress!

Thank you, John for sharing this find with me and allowing for the use of this image.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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