Bottom Number Research Update

Hi all!

If you would like to see more on the topic of bottom numbers, check out several posts from the past including 6/15/19 and 8/17/19.

Since I last reported on my research, the number of boxes I have found with numbers stamped on their bottoms has increased to 47 – over double the number of my last report.

There is a lot of good news to report.

The dates (numbers read backwards) have never overlapped.  In other words, other than having the same date (see below Jan 56), no box styles have encroached on others date-wise.  In other, other words, everything has remained chronological.

Dates associated with box styles have been duplicated several times.

Here’s the way it shakes out so far:

Between April 1951 (the number would be 154) to Jan 1956 – 29 Tall boxes found

Jan 1956 to Jan 1956 – 2 Short Beveled boxes found

Between Feb 1956 to Feb 1959 – 11 Short Rounded boxes found

Jan 1965 to Jan 1965 – 3 Short Beveled boxes found

and the one stupid outlier Jan 1977 – 1 Tall box found – no idea about this one!

All of these dates make perfect sense with the chronology I have been building.  It is interesting to see, if these are actually dates, that Lane made Short Beveled boxes two times nine years apart.  This makes sense because some of them look slightly different than others – the bevels are deeper on some.  I’ve been told by Lane employees that the SB boxes were just too hard to make because the bevels were hard to keep lined up.

There have been a couple of boxes that I have found where the numbers are illegible…I just record what I can decipher and those instances are not included in this report.

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That’s it for now.

Have a great weekend and Happy New Year!


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